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Buy 500 Backlinks

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Buy 500 Backlinks

Buy 500 Backlinks to improve Google SEO ranking.

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Just about any link will count as a vote, but some votes carry more weight than others. Some of the things that go into a good quality backlink include:

Page Relevance
If you have a site about plumbing, a link from a page about plumbing will be much more effective than a link about fishing. When building backlinks, search for pages that relate to the content of your website.

Site is Indexed
When a site is “indexed” that means that it is listed in the search engines. A link on a site that is not indexed will do nothing for your website since the search engines do not know that the link exists.

By default, all links are do-follow, but sometimes people use plugins or manually add a no-follow tag. No-follow tags tell the search engine spiders to ignore the link.

Site Authority
When you apply for a job, a recommendation from a CEO or highly respected individual will carry more weight than a note from your 6 year-old son. The same is true with links. Backlinks from sites that have authority with the search engines are more effective than links from random sites that just popped up yesterday.

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2 reviews for Buy 500 Backlinks

  1. Simon McAllister

    Best contextual backlinks!

  2. Simon Mcallister

    Best contextual backlinks!

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